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Montessori Object Permanence Box
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Object Permanence Box

Montessori Full Size Object Permanence Box with Tray And Ball Montessori Toys for 6-12 Month Infant 1 Year Old Babies Toddlers

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An object permanence box is a Montessori material that helps babies understand that objects still exist even when they’re not in plain view. The box has a hole on top and a window on the side, and babies drop a ball into the hole, which then rolls out of the window. The goal is to show that the ball still exists even after it disappears, and to help children understand how to predict outcomes.

  • Montessori material designed for infants to grasp the concept of object permanence.
  • Features a hole on top for dropping objects and a window on the side for observation.
  • Encourages babies to understand that objects continue to exist even when they’re out of sight.
  • Facilitates the development of predictive skills by observing the outcome of dropping a ball.
  • Supports the refinement of hand-eye coordination through interactive play.
  • Signals a milestone in an infant’s working memory development.
  • Initiates the early understanding of abstract concepts in babies.

The box helps children practice hand-eye coordination, and understanding object permanence signals an important development in an infant’s working memory. It also marks the beginning of a baby’s understanding of abstract concepts.












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