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Join Our Family Referral Programme

Our Community Grows With You

At Starshine Montessori, we believe that our community of parents and alumni are our best ambassadors. Share your positive experiences with friends and family and benefit from our Family Referral Programme. Every successful referral brings exclusive rewards for both you and the new family joining our nurturing environment.

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How the Programme Works

Participation is Simple and Rewarding

For Current and Alumni Parents

Refer a New Family: Simply fill out our online referral form with the details of the family you are referring.
Earn Rewards: Once the new family enrols and completes the initial months, you'll receive attractive rewards as a token of our appreciation.

For New Families

Warm Welcome: Enjoy a rebate on your child's future school fees as a welcome gift from us.
Join the Community: You, too, can refer new families once you join and multiply the rewards!

Referral Rewards

Refer a new family to Starshine Montessori and you can reap rewards for both you and the new member of our learning family.

For the Referring Parent

Receive a rebate off up to one month of your child's school fees or a shopping voucher if your child is an alumnus.

For the New Family

A warm welcome with a rebate on registration fees and school fees.

Steps to Success

1. Submit the Referral

Complete our easy online form to recommend a new family.

2. School Visit

Our admissions team will reach out to arrange a visit and discuss our unique educational approach.

3. Enjoy Your Rewards

Upon the new family's enrollment and completion of the qualifying period, we'll process your rewards.

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Spread the Joy of Learning!

Your referrals not only bring joy to new families but also help strengthen our community, allowing us to enhance our programmes and facilities for all our children. Share the unique experience of Starshine Montessori with your friends and family today!

Frequently Asked Question

The referral rebate is designed as a thank-you for your commitment to joining the Starshine Montessori family and is applied to future school fees after the initial settling-in period, typically in the 3rd month. Therefore, if a withdrawal occurs before this time, the rebate would not be applicable to the current month’s fees nor is it available as a cash alternative. This ensures fairness and acknowledges the intention of the referral programme as a long-term engagement incentive. If a withdrawal is made before the rebate period, unfortunately, neither you nor your friend would be eligible to receive the rebate benefits.

If the child of the referral parent has graduated, the referral parent will receive shopping voucher upon completion of the new student’s 3rd month of school. This is applicable for any new students enrolled in full day, half day, or Flexi3 programmes at Starshine Montessori.

The structure of our Family Referral Programme allows for only one referring parent per new family enrolled. This means that your mutual friend would need to nominate either you or your colleague as the referrer when they join Starshine Montessori. Consequently, only the nominated referring parent would receive the rebate. The rebate is not dividable and is awarded in full to the recognised referrer to ensure the simplicity and integrity of the programme.

Yes, you are eligible for the referral bonus for each family that enrolls due to your recommendation. The bonus for the second referral will be processed once the second child has been enrolled and has attended the school for the specified initial period, which is typically after the 3rd month of their enrolment. This ensures that each family’s commitment to joining and settling into Starshine Montessori is fully supported before the bonus is awarded.

Terms & Conditions

Eligibility of New Parent: The programme is open to families new to Starshine Montessori. Former families who have withdrawn their child from our institution are not eligible to be referred under this programme.

Rebate Policy: The referral rebate is credited as a one-time reduction of future school fees for the referring family, applicable after the referred child completes their 3rd months at our school. This rebate is not exchangeable for cash nor is it transferable.

Successful Referral Criteria: A referral is deemed successful when:

  • A completed Referral Form including details of both the referring and the new family is submitted to our Administration Department.
  • The new family submits all required enrollment documentation and payments at the time of registration and before the child starts attending our programmes.
  • The child from the new family is enrolled in any of our in full day, half day, or Flexi3 programmes.

Limit on Referrals: Each new family can only be referred once and by one existing family at Starshine Montessori.

Submission of Referral Details: Referral benefits are contingent upon the timely and complete submission of all necessary referral documentation before the new child’s enrolment. Late or incomplete submissions will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Amendments to Terms: Starshine Montessori reserves the right to modify, alter, or update these terms and conditions at any time without prior notification, by posting the revised terms on the Starshine Montessori website.

Additional Terms for the Family Referral Programme:

Issuance of Additional Bonuses: Any additional bonuses are issued concurrently with the standard referral rebates within the same month.

Timing of Rebate and Bonus: The referral rebate and any additional bonuses will be credited only upon completion of the new student’s 3rd month of school.

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