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Exclusive Corporate Childcare Partnerships

Nurturing the Future, Together

Discover Starshine Montessori's Corporate Partnerships offering exclusive preschool benefits for your employees. Elevate your employee benefits programme with our premium childcare and education services in Singapore. Tailored solutions for a family-friendly workplace. Contact us to learn more.

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Investing in Your Employees' Families

At Starshine Montessori, we believe that the foundation of a child's future begins with exceptional early education. As Singapore's premium childcare centre and preschool, we are dedicated to fusing the proven Montessori methods with a comprehensive academic curriculum. Our approach is not just about education; it's about cultivating independence, confidence, and responsibility in every young learner.

Why Starshine Montessori?

Choosing Starshine Montessori means opting for a holistic educational journey for your employees' children. Our unique blend of indoor and outdoor learning experiences, coupled with our robust bilingual immersion program, ensures that children are not just academically prepared but are also globally conscious, curious, and compassionate. We understand the importance of nurturing each child’s unique potential within enriched environments, leading to all-rounded development.

By partnering with us, your organisation can offer more than just a benefit; it’s an investment in the future leaders of our world. This partnership symbolises your commitment to the well-being of your employees and their families, creating a harmonious work-life balance that’s essential in today’s fast-paced world.

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Our Corporate Partnership Programme

Partner with Starshine Montessori to give your employees’ children the gift of a strong educational foundation, and witness the positive impact it has on your workforce’s satisfaction and productivity.

Preferential Rates & Priority Admission

We offer exclusive preferential rates on preschool fees for the children of your employees, making high-quality early education more accessible. Additionally, we provide priority admission to ensure that your staff have peace of mind when it comes to securing a place for their children at our sought-after institution.

Flexible Payment Plans

Recognising the diverse financial situations of different families, our programme includes flexible payment options. This ensures that quality education at Starshine Montessori is attainable and stress-free for your employees.

Customised Parent Engagement Sessions

We believe in the power of parental involvement in early childhood education. As part of our corporate partnership, we offer customised parent engagement sessions. These sessions are designed to keep parents informed and involved in their child’s educational journey, fostering a stronger home-school connection.

A Commitment to Holistic Development

Our programme goes beyond academic excellence. We emphasize holistic development, nurturing the intellectual, physical, emotional, and social growth of each child. Through our inquiry-based learning approach and bilingual immersion in English and Mandarin, we prepare children to thrive in a global society.

Seamless Integration with Your Employee Benefits Programme

Partnering with Starshine Montessori is a straightforward process, designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing employee benefits programme. Joining the Starshine Montessori Corporate Partnership Programme is more than just providing a benefit; it’s about making a lasting impact on your employees' lives and enhancing your company's culture. Let's collaborate to create a brighter future for the next generation. Here’s how your organisation can become a part of this enriching partnership:

Step 1
Initial Contact and Consultation

Reach out to us through our dedicated corporate partnerships contact form or via email. Our team will schedule a consultation to understand your specific needs and discuss how our programme can align with your company's goals.

Step 2
Customising Your Partnership Plan

Based on the consultation, we will tailor a partnership plan that suits your organisation’s requirements. This plan will include details on preferential rates, admission priorities, payment plans, and parent engagement initiatives, ensuring a perfect fit for your employees.

Step 3
Agreement and Implementation

Once the partnership plan is finalised, we will proceed with a formal agreement. Our team will work closely with your HR department to ensure a smooth implementation, providing all necessary resources and support for a successful rollout.

Step 4
Ongoing Support and Communication

Our partnership is not just a one-time setup; it involves continuous support and open communication. We provide regular updates on your employees’ children's progress and invite feedback to keep improving our collaboration.

Step 5
Monitoring and Reporting

To ensure the partnership is delivering its intended benefits, we conduct periodic reviews and provide reports on various metrics, such as employee utilisation and satisfaction. This data helps in refining the programme to better serve your employees.

Frequently Asked Question

Providing Clarity and Confidence in Our Partnership

We understand that potential corporate partners may have questions about our programme. Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions to help provide clarity and confidence in our partnership:

Starshine Montessori stands apart with its unique fusion of Montessori methods and a robust academic curriculum, tailored to prime children for educational excellence. Our holistic approach includes outdoor and indoor learning, a bilingual immersion program, and an inquiry-based learning method, nurturing each child’s unique potential.

Our preferential rate system offers discounted tuition fees for children of employees from our corporate partners. This rate is exclusive to our partners and is designed to make quality early childhood education more accessible to their families.

Absolutely. We believe in creating partnerships that align with each company’s unique culture and needs. From payment plans to enrollment priorities and parental engagement initiatives, each aspect of our programme can be tailored to suit your specific requirements.

Parental involvement is a cornerstone of our educational approach. We keep parents involved through regular updates, customised engagement sessions, and events that allow them to participate actively in their child’s learning journey.

Our team works closely with your HR department to ensure seamless integration. This includes providing informational materials, assisting with the enrollment process, and offering continuous support and communication to address any queries or concerns.

For more questions or detailed discussions, feel free to reach out to our team. We are here to ensure that your journey with us is as informative and seamless as possible.

Join Our Community of Forward-Thinking Organisations

Empower Your Workforce Through Quality Early Childhood Education

At Starshine Montessori, we believe in building strong foundations for the future, not just for the children we teach but also for the communities and organisations we partner with. By joining our Corporate Partnership Programme, your company takes a significant step towards enhancing the well-being of your employees and their families, while simultaneously investing in the leaders of tomorrow.

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