Kindergarten 2

Kindergarten 2 (K2) Programme in Singapore

For children aged 6 years old. Dedicated 1 to 12 teacher-to-child ratio. Flexible full-day or half-day childcare options.

Our Educational Philosophy

At Starshine Montessori, we believe that every child is a unique individual with vast potential waiting to be unlocked. Our philosophy is rooted in the Montessori method, fused with a modern academic curriculum, designed to cultivate independence, confidence, and a lifelong love for learning. In our Kindergarten 2 Programme, we focus on providing an enriched learning environment that is both nurturing and intellectually stimulating.

Our approach is not just about academic excellence; it’s about developing responsible, global citizens who are curious, compassionate, and conscious of the world around them. We strive to create a learning space where your child can grow not just intellectually but also emotionally and socially, laying a strong foundation for their future educational journey.

Children of Kindergarten 2 at Starshine Montessori in Singapore
Happy children in school uniforms sitting on toy cars in a playground, with excited expressions as they raise their hands - Starshine Montessori

Why Choose Starshine Montessori’s Kindergarten 2 Programme?

Choosing the right kindergarten programme for your child is a significant decision. At Starshine Montessori, our Kindergarten 2 Programme stands out for its unique blend of Montessori principles with a contemporary academic curriculum, tailored to prime your child for educational excellence.

Personalised Learning

We understand that every child is different. Our programme is designed to cater to individual learning styles, helping each child to learn at their own pace. This personalised approach ensures that your child receives the attention and support they need to flourish.

Bilingual and Phonics-Enriched Immersion

In our interconnected world, bilingualism is a crucial asset. Our K2 Programme integrates a Phonics-based approach within a bilingual environment in English and Mandarin. This cultivates early linguistic mastery and cultural awareness, providing a robust foundation for future academic and personal growth.

Inquiry-Based Learning

We encourage children to explore, ask questions, and discover. Our inquiry-based approach nurtures curiosity and critical thinking, essential skills for success in a rapidly changing world.

Holistic Development

Our curriculum goes beyond academics. We focus on the all-rounded development of children – socially, emotionally, physically, and intellectually. This holistic approach ensures your child is well-prepared not just for school, but for life.

Outdoor Learning Experiences

We believe in the power of outdoor learning. Regular exposure to nature and outdoor activities is an integral part of our programme, promoting physical health, environmental awareness, and a sense of adventure.

Discover Our Engaging Kindergarten 2 Curriculum

At Starshine Montessori, we take pride in our robust and diverse Kindergarten 2 Curriculum, meticulously designed to cater to every aspect of your child’s growth and learning. Our curriculum is a harmonious blend of the following key components:

Overview of Curriculum Components

Bilingual Mastery in English and Mandarin at Starshine Montessori

Cultural Studies

We introduce children to a range of cultures and traditions, fostering respect and understanding for diversity. This aspect of our curriculum is especially enriched by our bilingual immersion programme.

Early Mathematics Fun with Numbers at Starshine Montessori

Core Academic Learning

Foundational skills in literacy and numeracy are developed through engaging and interactive methods. We use age-appropriate materials and activities to ensure that learning these essential skills is both fun and effective.

Social Skills and Emotional Intelligence at Starshine Montessori

Social Skills and Emotional Intelligence

We believe in nurturing not just the mind but also the heart. Our activities are tailored to develop empathy, cooperation, and self-awareness, fostering healthy social and emotional growth crucial for their journey ahead.

Physical Education Active Bodies Active Minds at Starshine Montessori

Physical Education and Wellness

Physical development and wellness are integral to our K2 programme. Regular activities and sports ensure that children develop motor skills, coordination, and a healthy lifestyle from an early age.

Creativity and Expression Through the Arts at Starshine Montessori

Creative Arts and Expression

Encouraging creativity is at the heart of our programme. We offer a variety of artistic activities including drawing, painting, music, and dance, which are essential for developing imagination and self-expression.

Environmental Awareness Our Little Planet Protectors at Starshine Montessori

Environmental Awareness and Science

Our curriculum introduces basic scientific concepts and environmental stewardship. Through hands-on experiments and nature exploration, children learn about the world around them in an engaging and meaningful way.

Children having coding robotics and dance performance at Starshine Montessori

Enrichment Activities and Special Programmes

Our K2 Programme at Starshine Montessori is enriched with a variety of special activities designed to broaden and deepen your child's learning experience. Alongside our core curriculum, we offer unique enrichment opportunities such as Language Enrichment, enhancing communication skills in English and Mandarin, and introducing speech and drama for creative expression. Our Music Enrichment includes violin and piano lessons, fostering musical talents and appreciation. We also integrate age-appropriate technology to support various aspects of learning, and special activities in Mindfulness and Emotional Learning, focusing on cultivating empathy, self-awareness, and resilience. These enrichment activities are thoughtfully curated to complement our holistic educational approach, ensuring your child receives a well-rounded learning experience.

Inquiry-Based Learning Approach

At Starshine Montessori, we champion an Inquiry-Based Learning Approach in our Kindergarten 2 Programme, recognizing its vital role in nurturing curious, independent thinkers. This approach encourages children to question, explore, and discover, fostering a deeper understanding and love for learning.

Our educators guide children to ask questions and explore concepts in a hands-on manner. This method not only enhances knowledge but also develops critical thinking skills, as children learn to analyze, synthesize, and evaluate information.

By engaging in real-world problems and projects, children develop practical skills. They learn to apply their knowledge in various contexts, preparing them for the challenges of the future.

We foster a collaborative learning environment where children work together, share ideas, and learn from each other. This collaborative spirit is crucial in developing social skills and understanding diverse perspectives.

At the heart of our inquiry-based approach is the belief that children learn best when they are actively engaged and interested. Our educators tailor activities to the interests and abilities of each child, ensuring that learning is relevant and exciting.

We believe in the power of continuous assessment and feedback to support a child’s learning journey. Educators closely observe and document each child’s progress, providing personalized support and guidance.

Outdoor learning sessions are crafted to foster a deep connection with the environment. These experiences instill a sense of wonder and respect for nature in children, encouraging them to become environmentally conscious individuals.

Outdoor activities are vital for physical development, offering children the opportunity to engage in physical play, develop motor skills, and enjoy the health benefits of being active in fresh air.

Our outdoor curriculum includes hands-on activities like gardening, nature walks, and exploration of the natural world. These activities provide practical learning experiences that enrich the children’s understanding of scientific and environmental concepts.

Outdoor settings provide unique opportunities for children to interact, collaborate, and develop social skills. Group activities and outdoor challenges encourage teamwork, communication, and a sense of community among the children.

Safety is paramount in all our outdoor activities. Our dedicated staff ensure that children are always supervised and engaged in age-appropriate and safe outdoor learning experiences.

Emphasis on Outdoor Learning

At Starshine Montessori, we strongly believe in the importance of outdoor learning experiences for the holistic development of children. Our Kindergarten 2 Programme integrates regular outdoor activities, ensuring that children not only learn within the four walls of a classroom but also in the embrace of nature.

Focus on Holistic Development

At Starshine Montessori, our Kindergarten 2 Programme is meticulously designed to ensure the holistic development of every child. We believe in nurturing not just the academic prowess but also the emotional, social, physical, and intellectual aspects of each child’s growth.

  • Emotional Intelligence: Our curriculum includes activities specifically aimed at fostering emotional awareness and empathy. Through guided interactions and reflective discussions, children learn to understand and express their emotions healthily.
  • Social Skills Development: By encouraging cooperative play, group projects, and classroom responsibilities, we help children develop essential social skills like teamwork, sharing, and respect for others.
  • Active Learning: Regular physical activities, including structured sports and free play, are integral to our programme. These activities help in building strength, coordination, and overall physical health.
  • Nutrition and Wellness: Understanding the importance of good nutrition and wellness is part of our curriculum. We encourage healthy eating habits and educate children about the benefits of a balanced diet.
  • Cognitive Skills: Our teaching methods are designed to stimulate cognitive development. Through problem-solving exercises, logical reasoning games, and creative thinking activities, we enhance children’s intellectual capabilities.
  • Lifelong Learning Attitude: We aim to instill a love for learning that extends beyond the classroom. By making learning enjoyable and relevant, we motivate children to become inquisitive and enthusiastic lifelong learners.
  • English and Mandarin Immersion: Our bilingual programme immerses children in both English and Mandarin through daily interactions, lessons, and activities. This exposure allows children to naturally acquire language skills in both tongues.
  • Cultural Appreciation: Beyond language, our programme fosters an appreciation of the cultural nuances associated with each language. We celebrate festivals, read stories, and explore traditions from both English and Mandarin-speaking cultures, enriching children’s cultural understanding.
  • Cognitive Benefits of Bilingualism: Research shows that bilingualism enhances cognitive flexibility, improves problem-solving skills, and increases creativity. Our programme harnesses these benefits, helping children develop superior cognitive abilities.
  • Academic Advantage: Being proficient in two languages gives children a distinct academic advantage. It opens doors to diverse educational opportunities and enhances communication skills in a multicultural world.
  • Tailored to Each Child: We understand that every child’s language journey is unique. Our educators provide personalized support, ensuring that each child progresses at a comfortable pace while still being challenged.
  • Engaging and Interactive Methods: Our approach to language learning is interactive and engaging, using songs, games, storytelling, and role-playing to make the process enjoyable and effective.

Bilingual Immersion Programme

In today's interconnected world, bilingualism is a valuable skill. At Starshine Montessori, we are proud to offer a robust Bilingual Immersion Programme in our Kindergarten 2 curriculum. This programme is designed to give children a strong foundation in both English and Mandarin, setting them up for future success in a global environment.

Passionate educators of Starshine Montessori

Our Dedicated Educators

At the core of Starshine Montessori's Kindergarten 2 Programme is our team of dedicated and passionate educators. Our teachers are not just instructors; they are mentors, guides, and caretakers who play a pivotal role in your child's early learning journey.

  • Qualified and Experienced Staff: Our educators are highly qualified and bring a wealth of experience in early childhood education. They are continuously trained in the latest educational methodologies, ensuring that your child benefits from the best practices in teaching.
  • Passionate about Teaching: More than their qualifications, our educators are passionate about teaching. They bring enthusiasm and a love for learning to the classroom every day, inspiring children to reach their full potential.
  • Caring and Empathetic Approach: Our educators understand the importance of emotional support in early childhood. They create a nurturing environment where every child feels valued, understood, and encouraged.
  • Individual Attention: With a focus on small class sizes, our teachers are able to provide individual attention to each child, tailoring their approach to meet the unique needs and learning styles of every student.
  • Collaborative Relationships with Families: We believe in strong partnerships with parents. Our educators maintain open communication with families, ensuring that you are continually updated on your child’s progress and are an integral part of their educational journey.
  • Community Involvement: Our teachers are actively involved in the wider school community, organising events and activities that bring families together and foster a sense of belonging and community spirit.

Parental Engagement and Support

At Starshine Montessori, we value the crucial role parents play in the educational journey of their children. Our Kindergarten 2 Programme is designed to actively involve parents, ensuring a collaborative partnership that benefits every child's learning and development.

  • Regular Updates and Reports: We provide regular updates on your child’s progress, including detailed reports and parent-teacher meetings. This ensures you are always informed and can celebrate their achievements and address challenges together.
  • Accessible Staff: Our educators are always accessible for discussions and consultations. We encourage open dialogue to ensure a shared understanding of each child’s needs and progress.
  • Participation in School Activities: We invite parents to participate in various school activities, from classroom events to outdoor excursions. Your involvement enriches the learning experience and provides valuable family bonding opportunities.
  • Workshops and Seminars: We organize workshops and seminars on topics relevant to early childhood development and parenting. These sessions are great opportunities for parents to gain insights and engage with experts.
  • Home Learning Resources: We provide resources and suggestions for activities that can be done at home, extending the learning experience beyond the classroom. This helps reinforce concepts and skills learned at school.
  • Guidance for Home Education: Our educators offer guidance on how to effectively support your child’s learning at home, ensuring that you feel empowered and equipped to contribute to their educational journey.
Teachers and Parents involvement event at Starshine Montessori

How can you begin your child's journey at Starshine Montessori?

Choosing the right kindergarten for your child is a crucial decision, and we at Starshine Montessori strive to make the admissions process as smooth and transparent as possible. Understanding the admissions process is important for a smooth transition into our K2 programme. We are committed to providing clear information and support throughout this process. Here’s a guide to our straightforward admissions process for our Kindergarten 2 Programme.

Step 1
Initial Enquiry
  1. Contact Us: The first step is to get in touch with us. You can reach us via phone, email, or through our online enquiry form.
  2. Information Packet: Upon your enquiry, you will receive an information packet detailing our curriculum, facilities, and testimonials from satisfied parents.
Step 2
Schedule a Visit


  1. Personalised Tour: We strongly recommend a visit to our center, where you can experience our dynamic learning environments and meet our dedicated staff.
  2. Interaction Session: During the visit, your child will have an opportunity for a brief interaction session with our educators, offering us an initial understanding of their needs and personality.
Step 3
Application Submission


  1. Form and Documents: Complete the application form and submit it along with the required documents, which usually include birth certificates, immunisation records, and any applicable reports from previous educational institutions.
  2. Application Fee: A non-refundable application fee is to be paid upon submission of your application to secure your child’s place on the waiting list.
Step 4
Admission Review and Confirmation


  1. Review Process: Our admission committee reviews each application holistically, considering not just academic readiness but also social and emotional factors.
  2. Admission Offer: Upon successful review, you will receive an offer of admission. This needs to be accepted within a specified time frame to secure your child's enrollment.
Step 5
Onboarding and Orientation


  1. Welcome Kit: Upon confirmation, you will receive a welcome kit filled with all the necessary information to prepare for your child’s first day.
  2. Orientation Day: Before the programme officially starts, we host an orientation day where parents and children can familiarise themselves with our routines, staff, and facilities.

Frequently Asked Question

About our Kindergarten 2 Programme

Navigating the journey of early childhood education can bring up many questions. At Starshine Montessori, we understand the importance of providing clear and helpful information to parents. Here are some frequently asked questions about our Kindergarten 2 Programme, along with comprehensive answers to assist you.

Our Kindergarten 2 Programme is designed for children typically aged 6 years. This age range is crucial for laying the foundational skills necessary for primary education.

Our K2 classes maintain a low teacher-to-student ratio to ensure personalised attention and a supportive learning environment. This ratio is designed to cater to the individual needs of each child.

In our bilingual immersion programme, children are exposed to both English and Mandarin throughout the day in various activities and lessons. This approach ensures a natural and integrated learning experience in both languages.
We place a strong emphasis on equipping children with the skills and confidence needed for a smooth transition to primary school. This includes honing advanced literacy and numeracy skills, developing independent learning habits, and fostering social and emotional readiness. Our comprehensive curriculum and nurturing approach ensure that children are well-prepared, both academically and personally, for the next step in their educational journey.
The safety of our students is paramount. We implement comprehensive safety protocols, including secure premises, trained staff, regular drills, and strict health and hygiene policies.
Definitely! Parental involvement is encouraged, with numerous opportunities to participate in school activities, workshops, and events, thereby strengthening our school community.
Progress assessment is holistic, encompassing observations, project work, and age-appropriate assessments, focusing on academic, social, emotional, and physical development.

Absolutely, we encourage parents to schedule a visit to get a firsthand experience of our enriching learning environments and meet our dedicated staff.

Our admission process is straightforward. It starts with an initial enquiry, followed by a personalised tour, application submission, and a review process. For detailed steps, please refer to our ‘Admission Process’ section.

Have More Questions?

If you have further questions or would like to know more about Starshine Montessori, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to provide all the information you need to make the best choice for your child’s education.

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