Nursery 2

Nursery 2 (N2) Programme in Singapore

For children aged 4 years old. Dedicated 1 to 8 teacher-to-child ratio. Flexible full-day or half-day childcare options.

Your Child's Stepping Stone to Success at Starshine Montessori

Welcome to Starshine Montessori's Nursery 2 programme—a place where your child's potential is not just recognised but nurtured and amplified. Recognised as one of Singapore's premier early learning institutions, we are steadfast in our commitment to deliver an innovative and comprehensive approach to early childhood education.

Our Nursery 2 curriculum is intricately designed to cultivate the individual potential of each child, positioning them for great success in their future learning journey. This is achieved through a fine balance of outdoor and indoor learning experiences, an impressive bilingual immersion programme, and a transformative inquiry-based learning method. At Starshine Montessori, every child is valued, nurtured, and guided towards fulfilling their unique capabilities.

Importance of the Nursery 2 Year in Singapore's Educational Landscape

Your child's first foray into formal education is more than just a milestone—it's a pivotal foundation that shapes their future. Nursery 1 is not merely preparatory; it's transformative. It’s where cognitive faculties are awakened, social skills are honed, emotional intelligence is cultivated, and physical abilities are developed.

Quick Facts and Figures

👶 85% of a child's brain is developed by the age of 5.
🌐 Children at this age are capable of learning up to 2 languages fluently.
🧒 Nursery 2 serves as a prelude to the more structured Kindergarten years.

Children of N2 Class enjoying play and learn lessons at Starshine Montessori
Children of N2 class playing and learning at Starshine Montessori

The Starshine Montessori Difference

Why Nursery 2 is a Crucial Year for Your Child?

Embarking on the educational journey at the age of 4 is like standing at the crossroads of endless possibilities. Starshine Montessori takes this pivotal moment in a child's life very seriously. Our bespoke Nursery 2 programme is a tapestry of carefully curated experiences designed to foster holistic growth, academic readiness, emotional intelligence, social adeptness, and creative expression. Read on to discover how we unlock unparalleled avenues for your child's all-round development.

Holistic Development

Holistic Development

Children at this age are like sponges, soaking up knowledge and experiences that shape their young minds and hearts. At Starshine Montessori, we go beyond traditional educational milestones to nurture well-rounded individuals, stimulating not just the intellect but also emotional wisdom, creativity, and moral values.

Independence and Self-Discipline

Laying the Foundation

A strong educational foundation is crucial for future success. Our Nursery 2 stage lays the bricks for critical thinking, problem-solving, and a genuine love for learning. Our curriculum serves as a springboard for future academic achievements, instilling in your child the mindset of a lifelong learner.

Social Skills and Emotional Intelligence

Emotional and Social Skills

The formative years are essential for emotional and social development. Our programme empowers your child to decode complex emotions and social cues, helping them navigate the social world with grace and empathy.

Creative Expression

Creative Expression

In a world increasingly driven by innovation, the ability to think outside the box is invaluable. Our N2 programme incorporates elements of art, music, and storytelling, offering your child the tools they need to explore their creative side. This not only enhances cognitive skills but also enriches emotional well-being.

What Makes Starshine Montessori's N2 Programme the Best Choice for Your Child's Early Education?

At Starshine Montessori, we believe that every child is a unique individual deserving of an educational experience that caters to their distinct needs and potential. Our N2 Programme stands as a testament to this belief, blending innovation with a time-tested pedagogical approach to deliver an unparalleled early learning experience. Below are the key pillars that set our N2 Programme apart.

Children of N2 classes having outdoor and indoor activities at Starshine Montessori

1. Curriculum Highlights

Crafting Tomorrow's Leaders Today

What would you say if we told you that your child's curriculum could be as unique as they are? At Starshine Montessori, it is. Our N2 curriculum goes beyond mere academics:

Language and Literacy at Starshine Montessori

Language and Literacy

A groundbreaking bilingual programme to equip your child with linguistic proficiency.

Numeracy at Starshine Montessori

Mathematical Explorers

Transforming mathematical concepts into adventures that excite and engage.

Science and Discovery at Starshine Montessori

Science and Discovery

Nurturing natural curiosity through hands-on scientific exploration.

Global Social Studies at Starshine Montessori

Global Social Studies

Instilling empathy and global cultural awareness through relatable narratives and interactive activities.

2. Unique Methodologies

An Educational Experience Like No Other

Imagine a school where your child's inquisitiveness is not just welcomed but celebrated. That's the reality at Starshine Montessori:

Inquiry-Based Learning at Starshine Montessori

Inquiry-Based Learning

We encourage questions, sparking the flame of intellectual curiosity.

Bilingual Immersion Programme

Bilingual Immersion with Phonics

Multilingualism is essential, not optional, for nurturing tomorrow's global leaders. Phonics-enhanced bilingual immersion cultivates this crucial skill.

Holistic approach learning at Starshine Montessori

Indoor and Outdoor Learning

A holistic approach to education that values nature as a classroom.

Digital Innovations Learning at Starshine Montessori

Digital Learning Innovations

Leveraging state-of-the-art digital tools to amplify learning experiences and outcomes.

3. Exceptional Educators

Your Child's Personal Mentors

Our educators are the cornerstone of Starshine Montessori's commitment to excellence. They go beyond traditional teaching roles to become mentors, nurturing each child's individual journey with dedication and care:

With an optimal teacher-to-student ratio, we ensure personalised attention for every child, allowing us to cater to their individual learning styles and needs.

Our educators are rigorously trained and continuously upskilled in the latest pedagogical methods to stay at the forefront of early childhood education.

They are not just educators but passionate practitioners who invest heart and soul into fostering a love for learning in every child.

We believe in the power of mentorship beyond the classroom—our educators are committed to supporting your child’s educational journey at every step.

Educators of Starshine Montessori
Children having fun on different activities at Starshine Montessori

Why Should You Choose Starshine Montessori for Your Child's Early Years?

Selecting the right preschool is crucial, as it shapes the foundation of your child's educational journey and their perspective towards learning. Starshine Montessori doesn't just educate; we inspire, nurture, and prepare your child for the world of tomorrow. Discover the six pillars that make our N2 programme the beacon of early childhood education.


Tailored Educational Pathways

We believe that education should be as individual as your child, with a curriculum that adapts and grows with them:

Every child is unique, and our educational strategies reflect this through custom-tailored learning experiences.

Personal attention is guaranteed, with dedicated educators for every small group of children, ensuring no one is left behind.

Building Blocks for Future Success

Our educational philosophy is rooted in laying a robust foundation for lifelong learning:

We instil a love of learning through an inquiry-led curriculum that encourages children to seek knowledge and understand their world.

Our dynamic classrooms and interactive outdoor spaces stimulate learning and growth in every interaction.

Global and Cultural

Cultivating World-Ready Individuals

We prepare our children to be active participants in a global community:

Our curriculum is infused with global perspectives to promote cultural agility from the earliest years.

We extend learning beyond the classroom, involving children in community initiatives that foster a spirit of cooperation and social responsibility.

Technology-Enriched Experiences

Technology-Enriched Experiences

We harness the power of technology to enhance educational outcomes and keep pace with the digital era:

Our use of innovative educational technology makes learning interactive and effective.

We equip children with the digital skills necessary for the future, ensuring they are confident navigators of the digital world.


Seamless Home-School Collaboration

We partner closely with families to create a cohesive educational experience:

Parents are kept in the loop with transparent, continuous dialogue about their child’s progress and milestones.

Our workshops and activities empower parents to reinforce learning at home, creating a supportive learning ecosystem.


Environmental Awareness and Stewardship

Instilling a sense of environmental responsibility is key to our mission:

We integrate eco-friendly practices and education into our curriculum, teaching children the importance of environmental care.

Children participate in age-appropriate conservation efforts, learning to protect and value the natural world around them.

What Can Your Child Expect Inside Our N2 Classrooms?

The classroom experience is the cornerstone of your child’s early education. At Starshine Montessori, we ensure that every moment inside our N2 classrooms is an opportunity for growth, learning, and joy. But what exactly makes our classrooms so special? Let’s take a peek behind the doors.

Outdoor class activity at Starshine Montessori
Outdoor activities at Starshine Montessori

A Vibrant Tapestry of Learning

Our classrooms are more than just rooms; they are ecosystems designed to stimulate your child’s cognitive, emotional, and social development:

Each corner of our classroom is an invitation to explore, from reading books to science stations.

We engage all senses through materials and activities that are both educational and delightful, ensuring a well-rounded developmental experience.

Montessori Method in Action at Starshine Montessori

The Montessori Method in Action

The Montessori philosophy is woven into every aspect of our N2 experience, empowering children to become active seekers of knowledge:

We respect and follow the child’s lead, facilitating learning experiences that align with their natural interests and abilities.

Montessori-specific resources are used to support self-directed learning and foster independence.

Bilingual Education at Starshine Montessori

Bilingual Education at Its Best

Language development is critical at this stage, and our classrooms are rich in linguistic opportunities:

English and Mandarin are seamlessly integrated into daily activities, promoting bilingual fluency.

Through stories, songs, and celebrations, children learn to appreciate the beauty of language diversity.

Outdoor explorations at Starshine Montessori

Nurtured by Nature

We blur the lines between indoors and outdoors, extending learning to the natural world:

Regularly scheduled garden and park visits are integral to our curriculum, teaching children about the environment firsthand.

Classroom activities often include natural elements, promoting ecological awareness from an early age.

Children showing off their robotic project at Starshine Montessori

Technology with a Human Touch

While we embrace technology, we balance it with the irreplaceable value of human interaction:

Interactive whiteboards and child-friendly apps complement our teaching methods, enriching the learning experience.

We also focus on the responsible use of technology, guiding children to be mindful digital citizens.

Children cheers with their water bottles at Starshine Montessori

Every Child’s Wellbeing as a Priority

Your child’s safety and wellbeing are as important to us as their academic growth:

Our classrooms meet the highest standards of cleanliness and safety, ensuring your child’s wellbeing.

Teachers are attuned to the emotional needs of every child, providing a nurturing environment where they feel secure and valued.

How Can You Collaborate in Your Child's Educational Journey at Starshine Montessori?

At the heart of Starshine Montessori's ethos is the belief that education is a collaborative endeavour, with parents as vital partners in the process. But what does this partnership look like in practical terms, and how can you, as a parent, be an active participant in this formative stage of your child's life? Here’s our approach to fostering a productive and harmonious collaboration.

Our doors are always open for dialogue, and we encourage parents to maintain a regular exchange with our educators:

  • Scheduled Conferences: Regularly organised meetings allow you to discuss your child’s progress and set collaborative goals.
  • Open Communication Channels: Stay connected through our dedicated communication platforms, ensuring you’re always in the loop.

We provide resources and guidance to help you reinforce learning concepts at home:

  • Educational Resources: Access to our curated collection of materials that resonate with our classroom teaching.
  • Learning at Home Tips: Practical advice on how to create an enriching home learning environment that complements school activities.

We warmly invite you to be a part of our school community through various events and initiatives:

  • Volunteer Opportunities: From classroom assistance to event organization, your involvement adds value to our vibrant school community.
  • Special Events: Join us for cultural celebrations, sports days, and performances, celebrating and supporting your child’s school experience.

Understanding and embracing our educational approach unites us in our mission to provide the best for your child:

  • Workshops for Parents: Learn more about the Montessori method and our inquiry-based learning to better support your child’s education.
  • Feedback and Collaboration: We value your insights and invite you to contribute to the ongoing development of our educational programmes.

Become a part of a supportive network of like-minded parents who share your commitment to quality education:

  • Parent Forums and Groups: Engage with other parents in discussions, activities, and support groups.
  • Community Projects: Collaborate on initiatives that give back to the wider community and model social responsibility for our children.
Parents and Teachers collaboration activities at Starshine Montessori

Ready to Enrol Your Child at Starshine Montessori?

Embarking on the educational journey at Starshine Montessori begins with our straightforward and supportive admissions process. We're here to guide you every step of the way. Discover how you can secure a place for your child in a school that's as passionate about their potential as you are.

Step 1
Initial Enquiry
  1. Contact Us: The first step is to get in touch with us. You can reach us via phone, email, or through our online enquiry form.
  2. Information Packet: Upon your enquiry, you will receive an information packet detailing our curriculum, facilities, and testimonials from satisfied parents.
Step 2
Schedule a Visit


  1. Personalised Tour: We strongly recommend a visit to our center, where you can experience our dynamic learning environments and meet our dedicated staff.
  2. Interaction Session: During the visit, your child will have an opportunity for a brief interaction session with our educators, offering us an initial understanding of their needs and personality.
Step 3
Application Submission


  1. Form and Documents: Complete the application form and submit it along with the required documents, which usually include birth certificates, immunisation records, and any applicable reports from previous educational institutions.
  2. Application Fee: A non-refundable application fee is to be paid upon submission of your application to secure your child’s place on the waiting list.
Step 4
Admission Review and Confirmation


  1. Review Process: Our admission committee reviews each application holistically, considering not just academic readiness but also social and emotional factors.
  2. Admission Offer: Upon successful review, you will receive an offer of admission. This needs to be accepted within a specified time frame to secure your child's enrollment.
Step 5
Onboarding and Orientation


  1. Welcome Kit: Upon confirmation, you will receive a welcome kit filled with all the necessary information to prepare for your child’s first day.
  2. Orientation Day: Before the programme officially starts, we host an orientation day where parents and children can familiarise themselves with our routines, staff, and facilities.
Children having outdoor activities at Starshine Montessori

Transitioning into Kindergarten 1: What Can Parents Expect?

As your child steps from the nurturing world of Nursery 2 into the broader horizons of Kindergarten 1, it's a time of exciting change and development. At Starshine Montessori, we ensure this transition is smooth, supportive, and filled with joyful learning opportunities. Here’s what parents can look forward to during this significant phase.

Kindergarten 1 marks the beginning of a new chapter in your child’s educational narrative:

  • Advanced Curriculum: Be ready to watch your child engage with more structured learning activities that build on the foundations laid in Nursery 2.
  • Skill Development: Expect your child to develop greater independence, enhance their social skills, and display an increased ability to concentrate and complete tasks.

Our commitment to your child’s growth continues unwaveringly as they advance:

  • Gradual Transition: We introduce Kindergarten 1 routines and structures gradually, ensuring that children feel secure and confident as they adapt.
  • Consistent Communication: Regular updates will keep you informed about your child’s progress and how you can support them at home.

Parents are partners in this transition, and your involvement is key to your child’s success:

  • Preparation at Home: We provide tips and resources to help you prepare your child for the new experiences and expectations of Kindergarten 1.
  • Engagement with Teachers: Open dialogue with educators allows for personalized strategies to support your child’s learning and adjustment.

With every new challenge comes an opportunity for growth, and Kindergarten 1 is rich with possibilities:

  • Enhanced Activities: From literacy and numeracy to arts and environmental studies, your child will be immersed in diverse learning activities.
  • Increased Responsibility: Watch your child take pride in new responsibilities, whether it’s managing their belongings or contributing to class discussions.

Our educators are experts at identifying and nurturing each child’s potential:

  • Ongoing Assessments: Through observation and assessment, we ensure that your child’s transition is progressing well and that they are thriving in their new environment.
  • Supportive Interventions: If challenges arise, we work closely with you to implement supportive strategies that address your child’s individual needs.

Frequently Asked Question

About our Nursery 2 Programme

When considering Starshine Montessori for your child’s education, you may have questions. Our FAQ provides you with the answers you need to understand our approach, curriculum, and community. Here are the answers to some of the questions we frequently encounter from parents just like you.

Starshine Montessori adheres to a child-centred educational philosophy, combining the traditional Montessori approach with modern, inquiry-based learning. Our goal is to foster independence, curiosity, and a love for learning in a nurturing and stimulating environment.

In Singapore, children typically start Nursery 2 at the age of 4. Our Nursery 2 programme is designed for children who have turned 4 years old by the start of the academic year.

Child safety is paramount at our school. We adhere to strict health and safety protocols, maintain optimal teacher-to-student ratios, and our staff are trained in first aid and emergency response. A secure, loving, and attentive atmosphere is our commitment to every child’s wellbeing.

Starshine Montessori maintains optimal teacher-to-child ratios to ensure each child receives personalised attention. Our N2 classes are designed to allow educators to engage effectively with every child, supporting their individual learning journey.

Our Nursery 2 programme is competitively priced to offer the best value for a comprehensive early childhood education. For the most current fee structure, we encourage you to contact us directly or schedule a visit to our center.

Our programme is uniquely designed for bilingual immersion, offering a rich mix of English and Mandarin instruction. We believe in the cognitive and cultural advantages of bilingualism and integrate language learning naturally throughout our daily activities.

We view parents as partners in education. Through regular updates, parent-teacher conferences, and school events, we foster a collaborative community. Parent workshops and resources are also provided to support learning at home.

Absolutely, we encourage parents to visit and experience our learning environment first-hand. Personalised tours can be scheduled by contacting our admissions team, allowing you to witness our educational approach in action and meet our dedicated team.

Our admissions process is designed to be parent-friendly and transparent. It begins with an online application, followed by a visit and child assessment to ensure our programme meets the needs of your child. For detailed steps, please refer to our ‘Admission Process’ section.

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