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About Starshine Montessori

Childcare Centre and Preschool in Singapore

Starshine Montessori, a premium childcare centre and preschool in Singapore, is committed to providing innovative and holistic early childhood education. Our holistic approach includes a balance of outdoor and indoor learning experiences, a robust bilingual immersion program, and an inquiry-based learning method. Our unique approach is designed to nurture each child’s unique potential within enriched environments, ensuring the all-rounded development of every children under our care.

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Starshine Montessori
Starshine Montessori

Our Vision

Holistic Early Childhood Education

Our vision is to become a beacon of holistic early childhood education, focusing on nurturing each child's unique potential. We aim to shape future leaders who are not only knowledgeable but also compassionate, curious, and globally conscious.

Children enjoying learning and playing at Starshine Montessori
Children have group activity and lesson at Starshine Montessori

Our Mission

All-Rounded Development of Every Child

Our mission is to ensure the all-rounded development of every child under our care. We strive to provide a balanced and enriched learning experience through proficient bilingual immersion in English and Mandarin, an inquiry-based learning approach, and a concentrated emphasis on Outdoor Learning Experiences. Our guiding mission is to cultivate a love for learning, nurture qualities of respect, resilience, and responsibility, and prepare our children to meaningfully contribute to an ever-evolving world.

Our Core Values

Shaping Vibrant STARS


We inspire children to achieve their personal goals and celebrate all milestones.

Trust and Respect

We foster trust, teaching respect for self, others, and the environment.


We teach gratitude and appreciation for cultural diversity and individual qualities.


We empower children to view challenges as opportunities, building resilient characters.


We instil a sense of responsibility for our planet and promote sustainable practices.

Children are the Stars of Starshine Montessori
Children having fun learning and playing at Starshine Montessori

Our Philosophy

Nurturing Individual Child Potential

Our philosophy is steeped in the principles of Maria Montessori, viewing each child as a unique individual with their own potential waiting to be unlocked. We advocate for a love of learning, rooted in a bilingual immersion in English and Mandarin, an inquiry-based approach, and an emphasis on outdoor learning experiences. We believe that the essence of nature provides a bountiful platform for holistic growth and exploration, fostering a lasting appreciation and understanding of our environment. We also strongly believe in close partnerships with parents, forming a unified approach to each child's developmental journey.

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