DIY Montessori Activity: Color Sorting Game for Toddlers

A table with different colored paper or felt squares (red, blue, yellow, green) cut and arranged neatly. Small matching colored baskets or containers

Activity Overview

Title: Color Sorting Game for Toddlers: Easy DIY Montessori Activity

Description: Engage your 18-month to 2-year-old toddler with this fun and easy DIY Montessori color sorting game. Perfect for enhancing fine motor skills and color recognition!

Materials Needed

  1. Colored Paper or Felt: Different colors (red, blue, yellow, green)
  2. Small Baskets or Containers: Matching the colors of the paper or felt
  3. Colorful Objects: Small toys, blocks, or balls that match the colors of the paper or felt
  4. Tray: To keep all materials organized

Steps to Create the Activity

  1. Preparation:
    • Cut the colored paper or felt into small squares.
    • Place each piece of colored paper or felt inside a basket or container.
  2. Setting Up:
    • Arrange the baskets or containers on a tray.
    • Gather small objects that match the colors of the baskets or containers.
  3. Introduction to Child:
    • Show your child how to pick an object and match it to the correct colored basket.
    • Encourage them to try it on their own.
  4. Activity Time:
    • Allow your child to explore and sort the objects.
    • Praise their efforts and guide them gently if needed.
  5. Clean Up:
    • Involve your child in putting the objects back in the tray.
    • Store the activity for future play.

Benefits of the Activity

  • Fine Motor Skills: Enhances hand-eye coordination and dexterity.
  • Color Recognition: Helps in learning and identifying different colors.
  • Sorting and Organizing: Develops cognitive skills and the ability to categorize objects.

Additional Tips

  • Ensure all materials are safe and non-toxic.
  • Supervise your child during the activity to prevent choking hazards.
  • Encourage repetition to reinforce learning.

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