5 Creative Ways to Preserve and Display Your Child’s Artwork

A vibrant and colorful scene featuring a variety of children's artwork displayed in creative ways. The scene includes a wall gallery with framed

5 Creative Things to Do with Your Child’s Art: A Guide for Preschool Parents in Singapore

As parents, we treasure every piece of art our children create. However, over time, these masterpieces can become a source of clutter. Instead of tossing them away, here are five creative and easy ways to transform your child’s artwork into cherished keepsakes and functional items. These projects will not only help you manage the clutter but also celebrate and preserve your child’s creativity.

1. Create a Rotating Gallery

Materials Needed:

  • Frames or clipboards
  • Hooks or picture hanging strips

Instructions: Designate a wall in your home as a rotating gallery. Hang several frames or clipboards on this wall. Each week or month, swap out the old artwork for new pieces. This not only keeps the display fresh but also allows your child to feel proud of their constantly changing exhibition. Using clipboards makes it easy to switch out the artwork without damaging it.

A bright and colorful wall in a home featuring a rotating gallery of children's artwork displayed in frames and clipboards. The frames and clipboards

2. Make a Custom Photo Book

Materials Needed:

  • Digital camera or smartphone
  • Photo book service (e.g., Shutterfly, Snapfish)

Instructions: Take high-quality photos of your child’s artwork and upload them to a photo book service. Arrange the images into a beautifully bound photo book. This not only saves space but also creates a lasting keepsake that your child can look back on for years to come. You can also add dates and descriptions to make it even more special.

A custom photo book with pages open showing high-quality photos of children's artwork. The book is placed on a table, and the photos are arranged neat

3. Turn Art into Gifts

Materials Needed:

  • Scanning device or smartphone
  • Printing service (e.g., Zazzle, Vistaprint)

Instructions: Scan or photograph your child’s artwork and upload the images to a printing service. You can turn these images into a variety of custom gifts such as mugs, tote bags, calendars, or even puzzles. These make excellent gifts for family members and allow your child’s creativity to be shared and appreciated by loved ones.

Various custom gifts made from children's artwork, including a mug, tote bag, calendar, and puzzle. The items are displayed on a table

4. Create a Collage or Quilt

Materials Needed:

  • Large canvas or quilt fabric squares
  • Glue or sewing supplies

Instructions: Gather several pieces of your child’s artwork and create a collage on a large canvas. Alternatively, if you’re handy with a needle and thread, you can turn the artwork into fabric prints and sew them into a quilt. This method is particularly useful for preserving a large number of artworks in a single, beautiful piece that can be displayed or used daily.

A large canvas with a colorful collage made from children's artwork. The collage includes various styles and colors, all integrated into a single, vib

5. Make an Art Book Journal

Materials Needed:

  • Large sketchbook or scrapbook
  • Glue or tape
  • Markers and stickers (optional)

Instructions: Create an art book journal by attaching your child’s artwork into a large sketchbook or scrapbook. You can leave space beside each piece for your child to write or dictate a story about the artwork. This not only preserves the art but also captures their thoughts and feelings at the time they created it. Decorate the journal with markers and stickers to make it even more fun.

An art book journal open on a table, showing children's artwork attached inside along with handwritten stories and decorations like stickers and drawing

These five creative projects provide fun and meaningful ways to preserve and display your child’s artwork. By incorporating these ideas, you can turn potential clutter into cherished memories, celebrating your child’s creativity while keeping your home organized. Happy creating!

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