Year: 2024

Child building pink tower at Starshine Montessori

How the Montessori Method helps children learn through play?

The Montessori Method The Montessori Method, pioneered by Dr. Maria Montessori in the early 1900s, is a child-centric educational approach that fosters self-directed learning through hands-on experiences. At its core, the Montessori philosophy is grounded in the belief that children learn best when they are allowed

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Happy Toddler

Unlocking Your Child Independence in Early Education?

Explore how our holistic approach at Starshine Montessori nurtures independence in young minds, fostering autonomy, confidence, and essential life skills in a supportive learning environment. Discover our unique educational methods designed to empower children for future success.

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Happy children in school uniforms sitting on toy cars in a playground, with excited expressions as they raise their hands - Starshine Montessori

Empowering Young Minds: Innovative Activities for Positive Growth

Discover Starshine Montessori's unique approach to nurturing positivity and resilience in children. Explore our diverse range of activities designed to foster self-confidence, emotional intelligence, and a love for learning. Join us in shaping future leaders with compassionate, curious, and globally conscious minds.

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Smiling toddler stacking green blocks in school uniform, indoor playtime activity

Montessori Education in Singapore: Unlocking Child Potential

Discover the transformative power of the Montessori method in Singapore with Starshine Montessori. Explore how our child-centred approach nurtures independence, creativity, and cognitive growth, preparing your child for a successful future in Singapore's dynamic educational landscape. Learn about our unique blend of Montessori principles and academic

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Childminding in Singapore

Choosing Between Childminding and Infant Care in Singapore: A Comprehensive Guide

Explore the intricacies of selecting between childminding and infant care services in Singapore. Our comprehensive guide delves into the pros and cons, the importance of regulation, and how the Ministry of Social and Family Development's pilot program might influence your decision-making process.

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Children in uniforms play with shape puzzles on a purple mat in a classroom

Discover Montessori Inquiry-Based Learning in Singapore

Explore Starshine Montessori's innovative approach to early childhood education in Singapore. Learn how our inquiry-based Montessori method fosters independence, creativity, and academic excellence in children. Join us to nurture your child's unique potential.

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Child engaged in learning activity with Teacher at Starshine Montessori

What is the ideal age for child to start reading?

The Journey into the World of Words Welcome to the wonderful world of early literacy! As parents, one of the most magical milestones you’ll witness is your child beginning to read. This journey, filled with letters turning into words and words into stories, is not just

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Children enjoying outdoor activities - Starshine Montessori

5 Key Ways to Boost Social-Emotional Development in Preschoolers

Explore Starshine Montessori's insightful guide on five essential strategies to foster social and emotional growth in preschool children. Learn how to effectively nurture empathy, confidence, and emotional intelligence in your child through responsive parenting, role-modeling, storytelling, and more. Begin their journey towards a successful and balanced

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Toddler playing with a wooden toy to enhance cognitive skills

The Role of Play in Enhancing Cognitive Development in Early Childhood

Discover the crucial role of play in early childhood cognitive development. Starshine Montessori's insightful article explores how play shapes thinking, problem-solving, and creativity in young minds. Perfect for parents and educators seeking to nurture children's potential.

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Benefits of Outdoor Learning in Early Childhood

Discover the transformative power of outdoor learning in early childhood education with Starshine Montessori. Uncover how nature's classroom boosts cognitive, emotional, and social development in young children. Read our insightful article to learn about innovative outdoor teaching methods and the lifelong benefits they offer.

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