Month: December 2023

Preschoolers in uniforms playing with hoops and cones on green turf at Starshine Montessori, showcasing outdoor learning activities

8 Advantages of Outdoor Playtime for Preschoolers in Singapore

Explore the 8 key benefits of outdoor play for children in Singapore! Discover how nature-based learning enhances physical health, fosters creativity, and promotes social skills in young learners. Dive into our comprehensive guide and learn why outdoor play is a crucial part of holistic development at

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Child in school uniform with glasses sitting on a purple mat in a classroom, interacting with Montessori mathematical learning materials

Preschool to Primary: Ensuring Success in Singapore

Explore how Starshine Montessori's preschool in Singapore primes children for primary school success with a focus on holistic development and bilingual proficiency.

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Smiling young child in a classroom sitting at a table with colorful magnetic letters

Raising Confident Children: Expert Tips for Parents

Explore Starshine Montessori's article for essential tips on nurturing confidence in young learners. Discover practical strategies for decision-making, problem-solving, and celebrating your child's unique journey towards becoming a confident, independent individual.

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Preschool girl with hair tied up playing with colorful letter magnets on a table in a classroom setting

Holistic Early Childhood Development: The Montessori Approach

Explore the unique Starshine Montessori Method for early childhood education in Singapore. Discover how our balanced blend of Montessori, bilingual immersion, and outdoor learning experiences nurtures every child's potential, fostering independence, confidence, and global awareness.

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Curious Child Exploring a Globe Discovering Geography and Cultures

How Current Affairs Shape Preschooler Development?

Discover how discussing current affairs can stimulate cognitive growth and social awareness in preschoolers. Starshine Montessori blends innovative learning with real-world topics to foster early childhood development and prepare young minds for a global future.

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Teacher and Child engaging in conversation

How Positive Teacher-Child Relationships Boost Child Success?

Explore the transformative power of positive teacher-child relationships at Starshine Montessori. Discover how nurturing connections in early education fuel child success, fostering confidence and academic excellence. Learn effective strategies that shape young minds for a brighter future.

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Young child engaging with colorful educational toys on the floor

How the Montessori Method Equips Children for Real-World Success?

Discover how Starshine Montessori in Singapore harnesses the Montessori method to prepare children for real-world success. Our unique approach blends Montessori principles with a comprehensive curriculum, fostering independence, confidence, and a love for learning in every child. Explore our programs and see how we nurture future

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Two children in uniforms at a table with a learning sheet of numbers and symbols, one pointing and the other watching intently

Engaging Children in Maths and Science – Tips for Parents

Discover practical strategies at Starshine Montessori to spark your child's interest in maths and science. Explore our fun, inquiry-based learning methods that make maths and science enjoyable and accessible for young minds. Learn how we nurture future leaders with a passion for these essential subjects.

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Children at Starshine Montessori performing a ribbon dance, fostering coordination and teamwork

5 Creative Ways to Make Learning Mandarin Fun

Discover Starshine Montessori's innovative approach to Mandarin learning! Our article outlines five engaging methods, from music and movement to story-telling, to spark joy and curiosity in your child's mother tongue education. Dive into a world where language learning meets creativity and fun!

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A child carefully stacking pink blocks on a purple mat in a classroom

Navigating the Montessori Approach: A Beginner’s Guide for Parents

Discover the fundamentals of the Montessori method with Starshine Montessori's comprehensive guide for parents. Explore our child-centred approach to foster independence and learning in your little one. Perfect for parents seeking to understand and embrace the Montessori philosophy in early childhood education.

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