Chinese Calligraphy and Poetry Classics

Chinese Calligraphy and Poetry Classics Programme in Singapore

Enrich your child's cultural heritage with Starshine Montessori's Chinese Calligraphy and Poetry Classics Class! Suitable for 3-6 year olds. Embark on a journey of artistic elegance today!

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Why Chinese Calligraphy and Poetry?

Chinese calligraphy is not just an art form; it's a meditative, educational, and cultural practice that teaches patience, concentration, and meticulousness. Alongside calligraphy, the poetic works of ancient China offer insights into the philosophy, values, and aesthetics of Chinese culture. Together, these disciplines nurture a love for art, improve linguistic skills, and strengthen cultural identity.

Our Approach:

Our class is a blend of practical instruction and cultural exploration. Children will learn the basic strokes of Chinese calligraphy, understand the meanings behind classic poems, and even try their hand at creating their own artistic works. We focus on creating a supportive, engaging environment where children can freely express their creativity and develop a deep appreciation for Chinese culture.

What Your Child Will Learn:

Your child will engage with the following key areas:

  • The fundamental techniques of Chinese calligraphy
  • An appreciation for classic Chinese poetry
  • Cultural history and significance of the art forms
  • Creative expression and artistic development

Facilities and Equipment:

We provide all the necessary materials for your child to embark on their artistic journey, including high-quality brushes, ink, paper, and a selection of classical poetry texts. Our classroom is a culturally rich and inspiring setting, perfect for fostering creativity and learning.

Qualified Instructors:

Our instructors are passionate about Chinese cultural arts and have extensive experience in teaching young children. They are dedicated to passing on their love and knowledge of Chinese calligraphy and poetry, ensuring each child receives a meaningful and enriching education.

Join the Artistic Tradition!

Enroll your child in our Chinese Calligraphy and Poetry Classics Class and open the door to a world of artistic and cultural discovery. Limited spots available for each term, so be sure to book early!

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